Friday, 6 May 2016

10 Benefits of Alkaline Water

10 Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water is also known as Ionized Water

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Alkaline Drinking Water

Alkaline water, Ionized Water acts as a powerful and natural antioxidant. Because 60% of our body weight consists of water it is important to know about what type of water will give you maximum benefits. Ionized water through producing hydroxyl ions helps with oxygen production, neutralizing harmful free radicals, increasing your energy level, correcting your body's acid - alkaline balance, hydrating cells and in general reducing many of the symptoms of aging.​ Alkaline Water is More Hydrating Alkaline water is completely different from standard tap water or bottled water. Our DNA has become adapted to absorb chemical-free, dynamically ionized water. Due to industrial and commercial revolution our air, water and food have become tainted by pollutants and only in the last sixty years that chemicals have been added to our water and crops under the fundamentals of health benefits and increased health productivity.